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"The future of clean is here: Introducing the Alpha and Alpha mini Atomizer Devices. Your start to efficient and thorough disinfection" Looking for a way to save time and money while disinfecting effectively? We have the solution! Introducing the Alpha series. These devices produce a nano fog by atomizing the molecule so tiny it won't need to be wiped up after spraying. The 2 devices provide a wide variety of applications dependent on home or business. Take the boring tiresome labor out of cleaning and make it as easy as 1 - 2 -3. 1-Fill the cartridge with a fog able solution 2- Fog the area that you are disinfecting 3- Give it the required dwell time (Health Canada standard is 5-10minutes)


Thermal Fogging

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging is the generation of ultra fine droplets in a range of 1-50 µm Microns (Alpha device) and .26NM nanometers (Alpha mini) using thermopneumatic energy. Liquid disinfectants are vaporised at the end of the fogging barrel (resonator) and form ultra fine aerosols. This occurs by condensation forming on contact with cool ambient air to create dense visible fog-clouds when ejected. The ultra fine fog is able to cover more surface area effectively and evenly. Once the fog hits the surface, give the disinfectant it’s proper dwell time to kill and remove any fungi, bacteria and viruses. With vital oxide no rinse formula there is nothing to wipe up afterwards.

Ultra Fine Fog

The ultra fine fog is able to cover more surface area effectively and evenly making it a very cost effective method of disinfection. The fog is safe for all electronics and surfaces.

ULV Fogging

The other type of fogging machines such as our Shark cordless model is a ULV Fogger or ultra-low volume cold foggers. This type of fogger provides a very high volume of air, making it great for larger spaces. The sanitizing solution that comes with our disinfectant foggers manages to kill 99.99% of all the germs in that area.

Go Clean Solutions Thermal Foggers

1- Alpha Device - The Ultimate Hand Held Fogger

The Alpha device is terrific for anyone looking for a medium to large business solution. The Alpha is easy to run, simply plug it in and let it preheat for 45 seconds to a minute. Once it reaches optimal temperature the light will flash and you are ready to use it. Hold the trigger and run it over any application. The smart cooling system will automatically shut the unit down if it is overrun to avoid any mishaps.

specs- please correct the 2250square feet to 1000-1200 square feet before refill.


2- Alpha Mini - The Ultimate Hand Held Dry Fogger

The Alpha-Mini is your answer to any small to medium job where quick and harmless disinfection is a must. Have the power to disinfect materials such as chairs and cushions in waiting areas. Keep out unwanted germs entering your home by disinfecting items such as groceries and work essentials. Don't forget the small things we all tend to forget like vehicle interiors, shoes, and everything in-between!

Go Clean Solutions - ULV Fogger

3- Go Clean Solutions - ULV Fogger

The Shark Electrostatic model blows out 8800 cubic feet per minute of negatively charged air while spraying the disinfectant at an adjustable rate of 1.7 – 2.4 oz/min. The flow of 8200W/in3 of negative-ion attracts positively charged airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pathogens of viral, bacterial, or fungal origin, and particle matters less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) in the surrounding air. This neutralizes them, making them heavier to descend down on the floor, then the sprayed disinfectant over the surface kills those pathogens effectively.

As a result, this technology is dual-action as not only does it disinfect the surface, but it can also purify the air.

  • Container volume: 61oz (1.8L)
  • Spray flowrate: 2.4oz/min (70mL/min)
  • Effective spray distance: 10ft
  • Air flowrate: 8800cft (250cbm)
  • Static ion coverage distance: 16ft
  • Negative ion intensity: 8200W/in3 (500W/cm3)
  • Battery: Li-ion 20V- 2500mA - Comes with 2 batteries
  • Power: 129W Current: 6 amps
  • Operating time: 25~30 minutes
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Charger input power: AC 100-240V 50hz/60hz
  • Noise level: 90dB Net
  • weight: 2.1lbs
Shark Electrostatic Cordless Model
4- Alpha Mini- Cordless (ULV Fogger)
  • [CORDLESS ULV FOGGER MACHINE]: 25W, 2.5m spray distance, 3 level adjustment. Portable and safe, easy to use. For home or office, the portable sterilization fogger machine makes your life easier with a simple touch and spray. Spray directly on any surface, sofa, bed, bathtub, clothing, towel, mat, carpet, keyboard, and more. Enjoys a cleaner healthier environment with this cordless ulv fogger.
  • [HIGH-QUALITY LITHIUM BATTERY]: The portable ulv fogger machine sterilization uses a 2600mAh high-quality lithium battery which is larger than most of the portable fogger in the market. With the larger capacity, it gets up to 180 minutes on a single charge. with type-C fast charge port, it can be fully charged in less than 2 hours. Fast fogging, and large fog volume makes it a perfect solution for every home or office.
  • [CORDLESS DESIGN WITH NO DISTANCE LIMITATION]: The portable ulv fogger adopts a portable handheld cordless design to get rid of the distance limitation of the wiring harness. Suitable for most sterilization, the spray head sprays ultra fine mist which adsorbs on small fine particles and bacteria to make sterilization more efficient. Perfect fogger sprayer for indoor, restaurant, hospital, classroom, office, etc.
  • [NORMAL TEMPERATURE DISINFECTION]: Compared with high temperature, this cordless sterilization fogger machine uses spray sterilization at original temperature, which does not produce toxic gases and can retain effective sterilization ingredients. The sterilization effect of this ulv sterilization fogger machine is more effective, and it also protects the health of yourself and your family.